Make sure the taxe de séjour visitor's taxs is included in the room price you are quoted

Six main hotel rip-offs
• the minibar
• the telephone
• the parking garage
• the breakfast
• the laundry service
• the taxes

Always ask if taxes are included in the hotel quote. This is significant since the French taxe de séjour ("tax for staying") can add anywhere from €0.20 to €1.50 per person per day to your room rate (the higher the hotel's star rating, the higher the tax).

That doesn't sound like much, but for a family of four staying for a week it can add up to €36. (Though children under 13 are exempt.)

As with so many other hidden or inflated charges, the pricier the hotel is, the more likely it is to leave the tax out of its posted rates. There's nothing illegal about this at all, just a bit sneaky.

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