A private guide in Paris
A tour guide in Paris. (Photo by Julian Walker)

Hiring a private tour guide in Paris

A private guide in Paris costs from $120 per group for a few hours on a set itinerary, or around €540 per group for a full, eight-hour day of your choice with a professor or PhD candidate.

That's actually not too expensive if you think about it—just €67.50 per hour. Or to put it another way, a family of four would be paying €135 each for a full day with a guide.

(The other option, of course, it to sign up for a group tour with an established itinerary.)

Here are some companies through which you can book a licensed guide in Paris:

Make sure any guide you use is licensed by the official local licensing bureau (www.fngi.fr); you can get a list of other tour guides and companies at Parisinfo.com.

Paris Greeters

Not exactly a private guide—but cheaper—is to use the online service Parisiendunjour.fr, which will put you in contact with a Parisian who can give you some advice, maybe meet for coffee, or even provide a short orientation tour of Paris.

Again, these are not licensed tour guides; just amiable locals who like to share knowledge about their city and to meet new people.




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A tour guide in a Paris museum
A tour guide in a Paris Museum. (Photo courtesy of Context Travel)



A tour guide in a Paris museum
A tour guide in Paris. (Photo courtesy of Context Travel)