Fabulous Paris views from a Romantic-era park

Great city vistas from the faux temple in Baron Haussmann's 19th century, Romantic-era park—the largest of Paris's 426 gardens.

Formerly vast gypsum quarries (perhaps you've heard of this product, still known as "plaster of Paris?"), the mines shut down in the 1860s and were landscaped into the Romantic ideal of a park—sort of French formal meets Anglo-Chinese fantasy.

The result is straight out of a Fragonard or Rousseau painting, with fantastical elements like the temple to Sybil (reproducing one at Tivoli near Rome) on an island in the 1.5-hectare lake, or the a (man-made) waterfall spilling down to a (faux) cave filled with 8-meter (26-foot) stalctites





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