The outdoor markets of Paris

These are just the more interesting street markets of Paris—both the city's main flea market in the outskirts and a few smaller markets you are likely to run across in the center of town. For complete coverage of all markets in France (including more than 1080 in Paris) helpfully organized by day starting today, check out the Frnehc-langauge

Paris flea market Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen (Clignancourt) - The world's largest flea market is Paris's outdoor outlet for antiques, old clothing, kick-knacks, bootleg CDs, paintings, used car parts, yellowing comic books, and a little bit of everything else you can imagine... » more

Les Bouquinistes Les Bouquinistes - The walls along the central Seine have been lined since the 1890s by large wooden boxes neatly arrayed with books and printed matter of all sorts—much of it antique, most of it interesting, and almost all of it in French... » more

Paris flower makret on place LepineMarché aux Fleurs/Marché aux Oiseaux - The daily flower market on place Louis-Lepine on Île de la Cité transforms on Sundays in a twittering, chattering bird market... » more