Paris travel blogs and other Paris travel web sites

This is the section some of my colleagues call The Dumbest Page You Could Post, because it is essentially links to all my "competition," as it were. I don't see it that way.

Each of these web sites and blogs devoted to visiting Paris or travel in France is different and has a differing take on travel in Paris and presents a different level or type of information.

Some are budget, others high-end. Some have deep coverage of, say, shopping or nightlife but are skimpy on the sights or practical intel. Or vice versa.

Just as with guidebooks, it really pays to look at severel and take the best of what you need from each. Me? I just want you to have the Paris vacation of your dreams. If any of my honorable competition can help, I'm happy.

I only hope this blog roll will grow as I discover other great sites or you suggest them to me. Enjoy.