The Chunnel train to London

Rail Europe, fastest way to travel in EuropeThe Eurostar train connects London with Paris (and London with Brussels) through the Channel Tunnel.

How long does the Eurostar Chunnel train take?

Trains from London to Paris take 2:16 to 2:25. However, due to the time change (England is one hour behind France), the clock has you arriving in Paris 3:16 hours later when leaving from London.

On the plus side, going from London to Paris you arrive 1:16 hours later by the clock!

Since the classic ferry route—regular train from London to Dover, ferry over to Calais, France, regular train from Calais to Paris—takes essentially all day and costs almost the same amount, Eurostar is a great deal.

How frequent is the Eurostar?

Trains depart London for Paris every 30 minutes at peak hours, hourly off-peak.

In high season, there are 24 trains per day.

How much does the Eurostar from London to Paris cost?

Eurostar tickets can range from $131 to $407 one-way (as low as $83 with advance bookings of a month or more).

I'm cant really be more specific than that because:

About the best advice I can give is to book Economy/Standard Class (2nd) (cheapest; no meals), and that discounts are available for seniors (over 60), youths (under 26), children (aged 4-11), and railpass holders.

What train stations does the Eurostar Chunnel train use in Paris and London?

London's glorious Victorian redbrick castle of St. Pancras is right next-door to King's Cross Station, home to the famous platform 9-3/4 where Harry Potter used to catch the Hogwarts Express—a perfect sightseeing excursion when you have half an hour to kill before your train (track 9 and 10 are actually in a seperate shed from the main station, and sadly there's no real barrier between them, but the station has thoughfully labelled the wall at the back of the shed "Platform 9 3/4" and embedded a luggage cart in the wall). Have a full hour to spare? On other side of St. Pancras is the woefully under-visited British Library.

In London, Eurostar trains arrive and depart from St. Pancras Station (; see sidebar to the right; until November, 2007, the train used Waterloo Station, so make sure you're not using an outdated guidebook).

In Paris the train station for the Chunnel train is Gare du Nord (

Note that the Eurostar also connects London to Brussels' Central Station. 






The high-speed Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel gets you from London to Paris or to Brussels in just 2:40
The high-speed trip on the Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel is a 45-minute non-event in darkness—but, hey, you sure do get to Paris in no time. Still, I kinda miss watching the white cliffs of Dover recede into the distance whilst chugging across the English Channel aboard a slow ferry (though I don't miss the ten hours it took to get to Paris that way).