Where to park in Paris: Public garages charge €24–€34 per day

Don't even try to park on the streets in Paris. Few places are legal, and those that are are pricey. Traffic is horrendous. Driving is simply not the way to get around town.

So you gotta park it.

How to find a parking garage in Paris

Try to avoid using a hotel garage, as they are invariably more expensive (albeit more convenient) than public lots.

You can find much more on parking in Paris (and lists of garages) at teh following two major garage netwroks. Both charge about the same rates (as always, more in the popular cnetral districts, less in the outer arrondissements), so just go with whichever is most convienently located for you:

Best solution: Do not have a car in Paris

Ideally you shouldn't have a car in Paris at all. It's simply an expensive hassle that will do you no good anyway. Get rid of it as quickly as possible.




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