A taxi cab in Paris
If the taxi sign is lit, the cab is avaiable. (Photo by Amélie Dupont © Paris Tourist Office)

Getting around Paris by taxi cab

Really, the Métro is so great—and strolling the streets so much fun—I rarely find the need to take a taxi in Paris—especially as the minimum fare is set at €6.40. It's a needless expense.

Still, late at night or laden with luggage, a cab is not a bad idea. Here's what you need to know.

Where can I get a taxi in Paris?

You can hail any taxi on the street. Available cabs will light up ther "Taxi Parisien" sign on the roof.

You can also go to an official taxi stand or taxi rank—which are located near all major tourist sites, city squares, and boulevards.

Alternatively, you can call a taxi to come get you—though that costs a bit more, since the flag falls when they leave to get you. Thankfully, there's now a single central number for calling a cab in paris: Tel. +33-(0)1-45-30-30-30

How much do Paris taxis cost?

There's an initial flag fall/pick-up charge of €2.40, and a MINIMUM CHARGE OF €6.40—even if you only go half a block. On top of that, rates are based on distance (and/or, if you're stuck in traffic, time).

In any legitimate cab, the official rates will be displayed. Only ever take a metered taxi and make sure it is set to charge the appropriate tariff for the time of day (all these fares cover any trip within the périphérique ring road):

There are extra fees for baggage (€1 per bag after the first bag) or for more than three people in the car (€3 per person). 

Tip 10% to 15%.

What about taxis to or from the airport in Paris?

A taxi to or from Charles de Gaulle/Roissy airport will cost around €50 and take about 90 minutes (traffic willing). » more

It's far, far, far better to take a private transfer, which only costs €12 (though it still takes 90 minutes). » more

Or, if you don't require door-to-door service, you can save even more by taking the RER train for €9.10 (and zip downtown in 25–35 minutes). » more




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