A bus in ParisA Paris city bus (Photo by Jacques Lebar. © Paris Tourist Office)

The Paris bus system

In all my trips to the City of Light, I've never found occasion to use the bus system, because the Métro works so well and is much faster than plodding through above-ground traffic. Plus, unless you have a pass (see the sidebar to the right), bus trips can get expensive.

Buses use the same tickets as the Métro, but a single ticket is only good for two "sections," which may not get you to your destination. If you're traveling through three or more sections, you'll have to punch two or more tickets.

Separate maps for each bus route are posted at bus stops, and each map has a blue-and-red bar running along the bottom. The stops that appear directly above the blue section of this bar are within that stop's two-section limit. For stops appearing above the red section(s) of the bar, you'll have to use two tickets.

When the number of a bus route is written in black on a white circle, it means that the bus stops there daily; when it's written in white on a black circle, it means the bus doesn't stop there on Sundays or holidays.




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