French language phrase books, travel dictionaries, translator apps, and digital translators

Phrase books

Pocket travel dictionaries

Most travel phrase books have basic two-language reference dictionaries at the back, but full pocket dictionaries typically offer five or six times as many words in translation.

Digital translators

lingo xplorer talking translatorThey're the size of a calculator and can literally speak more than 50 languages. The fanciest let you speak a phrase into the device in your own language and it translates it into any other language and speaks it out loud. Stark Trek stuff, man:

Translator apps

Web Translators
Here are some great free online translators:
• Google Translate
• Babelfish

These are the foreign language apps I have on my iPhone. Unlike the vast majority of translator apps for the iPhone—merely interfaces to the Google translate engine—those listed below work without Internet access (so you won't incur huge roaming fees). The boldface are the better choices in each price range: